Online Swar vigyan Course

  • 9th JUNE - 18th JUNE
  • Timings  : 8 - 10 PM
  • Course Language : Hindi
  • 8 classes + 2 nadi shodhan sessions
  • Class recordings will be provided for 6 months
₹ 5,400
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Course Content

  • Application of Swar
  • How to change Swar
  • Knowledge of Adrishya shakti using Swar
  • Work done in Surya, chandra and sushumna swar
  • How to predict and make a day successful
  • Tatva in Swar and their identification
  • Tatva changing techniques
  • Application of tatva
  • Swar urja & applied swar vigyan
  • Control over body and health using Swar
  • Fortune with Swar
  • Success your meeting with Swar
  • How to use Swar in Exams & Interview
  • Swar in Studies & Swar for Students
  • Role of Swar in Daily routine
  • All types of Manovanchit Methods
  • Forecasting using Swar
  • Locating Stolen items
  • Locating Missing people
  • To answer your own questions using Swar
  • Teji-mandi in business using Swar
  • Career/ business/Life-partner Selection
  • Life prediction using Swar
  • Other forecasting - Marriage, success/Unsuccess, child birth, Maried life, Health, business tour,
  • Profit/loss, Rainfall etc.
  • Practical Health remedies session using Swar (Swar Chikitsa)
  • Boost your business through Swar
  • Swar Varshfal
  • Win your clients & enemies
  • Get rid of Debt
  • Identification of Lifespan
  • Importance of Swar in child birth
  • Tatva Saadhna
  • Application of Tatva beejakshar
  • Success using Swar Nakshatra, tithi and vaar
  • Lie detection using swar
  • Swar & Vastu
  • Energy determination using Swar
  • Swar & Jyotish
  • 10 brahmasutra in Swar

Benefits of Swar Vigyan

  • Success in business
  • Improve your health
  • Success in Education
  • Success in Interviews & Exams
  • Debt free life
  • Forecasting using swar
  • Selection of career, business & spouse
  • Locate stolen items & missing people
  • Success in meetings & Negotiations
  • Predict profit & loss
  • Predicting People & their Lies
  • Name and fame
  • Get rid of court cases



20,000+ Students Trained


Course Language: Hindi


Based on Vedic Science



Past Traning
what our Students say

It is such a blessing to have such a mentor as Guruji. He has provided his best to us and had put all of their teaching and efforts. May guruji embrace all of us for the rest of the life and teaches us a path to get amazing results and ideas forever. His remedies always creates miracles. 

Vijay soni

I was privileged enough to get blessed with the Swar science & Vedic vastu knowledge by the renowned and impeccable guru Dr. Rajendra Jain. His knowledge in this field cleared many myths and imparted the study in the most easiest way.
I feel truly blessed.

Sanyam jain

Attending Geo Vastu classes by Dr. Rajendra Jain has always been an eye opener whenever I have attended. I suggest everyone that one should never miss any chance to attend his sessions.

Rakhe Jain

Dr. Rajendra Jain's trainings have been instrumental in shaping my expertise in the field of Vastu over the past 8 years. The depth and breadth of knowledge imparted by him has been very precious in my journey. I highly recommend his courses to anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of these subjects." 

RishabhDev Jain

The Geo Vastu Vidya learned from Rajendra Guruji is invaluable and an endless wealth of knowledge
I am able to do many miracles because of the Geo vastu , 
Thank you so much for giving me this knowledge

N deenan

He is an ocean of knowledge who practices simplicity, and the great thing about him is that he is ready to share all of his knowledge with the deserving recipient. I feel blessed to be his Shishya.

Radhaa SK Trivedi

Guruji's exceptional knowledge and invaluable practical training provided a transformative experience. The divine training environment created an unmatched learning journey I have never encountered before.

Abhay Ajit Narvekar

Each and every word spoken by him was nectar, Every remedies given by him is powerful with 100 percent results.