Make your Project Vastu Compliant with GEO VASTU

Following Geo vastu process will make your house, factory, office or any project not only vastu oriented but also boost your Land energy so that you will feel positive vibes all around
1. Land Selection / Energy Testing

Land energy plays very important role in Vastu. According to Geo vastu 70 percent of vastu depends of energy where we live. So it is very important to buy positive land or improve Land energy before constructing.

2. Shilanyas and 16 sanskar

Bhoomi poojan at auspicious muhurta is done to avoid any problem while construction and a better living in future. 16 sankar of soil is done for improving Land energy.

3. Map Planning

After selection of land, plan your house according to Vastu. Placement of Bedroom, Drawing Room, Pooja Room, Kitchen, Dining Area, Study Room, Toilet, Store etc. We provide consultancy to ensure you all these things are placed according to Vastu. Also our professional engineers/ architects helps in preparing basic layout plan according to your requirements.

4. Remedies

Dehleez staphna with door power, Brahmnabhi creation, Pyramid energy grid other neccessary remedies.

5. Interior and Completion

Colour, Furniture, Flooring, Ceiling, idols, symbols, Element balancing. Muhurta for Dehleez sthapna, slab, Grah pravesh etc.


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