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Course Content


1. Basic principle
Sun Rays, Magnetic energy, Gravitational force, other energies
2. Origin and Evolution
3. Controlling Factors of Vastu
4. Directions
4-8-16 directions and their attributes- Lord-planet-Stone-Avdan-SymbolVahan, Use of compass, Methods to find degree Tilt of plot
5. 5 Elements
Vedic cycle, Attributes, Representation of these elements, Positive and
negative effects
6. Different pad vastu
49-64-81-100-144-169-196 pad vastu
7. Working on maps
16-32 zones, 45 vastu devtas marking, Bhoomi vibhajan-Brahma-DevManushya-Pishaach bhoomi, Marma sthal



1. Land energy Testing
Soil testing, Nimitt gyan, Chemical method, biological method, Water
movement, soil density, Dowsing method, Swar vigyan etc.
2. Dowsing
L rod, Y shaped folk, Coconut, pendulum, Hand, Stone, Rudraksha,
Mechanical instruments
3. Existing Vastu
Effects of Nearby High rise buildings, pond, temple, Bank, hospital, Police
station, etc. Effects of T
4. Slope
Effects of slope on different directions
5. Shape of plot
Effects of cut and extended plots, Gaumukhi and sinhmukhi plot
6. Geopathic Stress
Cause, Path finder, Detection and its Remedies


1. Orientation
Modern House construction, Placement of Kitchen, Bed Room, Toilets, Sitouts/Verandah, Dining Room, Pooja room, Living room, Garage,
Brahmsthan, Construction of Staircases, and its benefits, Basements,
Covered corners etc.
2. Water Management
Septic Tank, Sump, Overhead Tank, Boring, Swimming Pool, Direction of
flow of water out of house from all sources in the house, Direction of Rain
Water flow out of house and their effects, etc.
3. Door and Windows
Characteristics of Main Door and Windows, Procedure for its installation,
Number of Doors and its results, Height/Width, their installation, Dwaar
bhed, Vedic door decoration, Door power and Dehleez sthapna.
4. Interior Vastu
Colours and their effects, Individual interior of rooms, kitchen, Drawing
room, etc. Paintings, artifacts and idols. Elevation, Landscaping. Interior
objects location such as Television, Washing machine, mixer etc. Facing of
5. Material Vastu
Bricks, Stones, Flooring, Flase Ceiling, Shapes, Brick masonry, Sequence
and methodology to execute RCC work
6. Aay Vastu
Calculation of Aay, Runa, Tithi, Vaara, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Lifespan
7. Astro Vastu
House planning and remedies according to kundali. Finding doshas,
Suitable facing of house, Yog of house in Kundali.
8. 45 Vastu Devtas and their attributes
9. Vastu for flats and apartments
10. Industrial Vastu
Selection of business, Nomenclature, Location for Raw material, finished goods,
Servant quarters, Arrangement of machines, Main office
11. Vastu for Commercial place
Multistorey buildings, shops, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, offices, Banks etc.
12. Health vastu
Zones responsible for diseases, cause of cancer


1. Orientation Remedies
Cut-Extended plot, Remedies for bedroom, kitchen, toilets, septic tank,
overhead tank etc.
2. Ways to increase Land energy
3. Pyramid vastu
Angle of pyramid, Uses, installation process, material
4. Treatment using remedial products
1. Yellow sarso 2. Gomti chakra 3. white sarso 4. Crystallized quartz 5.
Minerals 6. Harmonizer for treatment 7. Mercury injection method 8.
Dhoop 9. Aroma
5. Symbol Vastu
Swastik, kalash, Deepak, Flag, Paintings, idols and artifacts
6. Havan
Procedure and mantras
7. Yantra Vastu
Correct way to make yantra, different types of yantras
8. Mirror Vastu
Types of mirror and their effects in different locations, How to use mirror
to do remedies
9. Plants vastu
Plants allowed and not allowed in different zones, Remedies using plants


1. 16 Sanskar
Necessary material, 16 sanskar of soil, flats and commercial places
2. Muhurta Vigyan
Muhurta for performing important works during construction, Muhurta for
applying remedies, shilanyas, grah pravesh muhurta.
3. Shilanyas/ Garbhvinyas
4. Vastu registry
5. Vastu Vidhan/ Vastu Pooja



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I was privileged enough to get blessed with the Swar science & Vedic vastu knowledge by the renowned and impeccable guru Dr. Rajendra Jain. His knowledge in this field cleared many myths and imparted the study in the most easiest way.
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Attending Geo Vastu classes by Dr. Rajendra Jain has always been an eye opener whenever I have attended. I suggest everyone that one should never miss any chance to attend his sessions.

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The Geo Vastu Vidya learned from Rajendra Guruji is invaluable and an endless wealth of knowledge
I am able to do many miracles because of the Geo vastu , 
Thank you so much for giving me this knowledge

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He is an ocean of knowledge who practices simplicity, and the great thing about him is that he is ready to share all of his knowledge with the deserving recipient. I feel blessed to be his Shishya.

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Guruji's exceptional knowledge and invaluable practical training provided a transformative experience. The divine training environment created an unmatched learning journey I have never encountered before.

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Each and every word spoken by him was nectar, Every remedies given by him is powerful with 100 percent results.